Meduza takes John Legend’s ‘Wild’ to the dark side of house music | Review

John Legend - Wild (Meduza Remix)

For all the masculine characters out there who seem eluded by what and how to drive the feminine types wild, I suggest you look into discovering how to tap into and channel your inner John Legend.

Aside from being one of the exceptional few to earn the entertainment industry’s prestigious #EGOT distinction (earned by those winning an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar, and a Tony), I suspect his musicianship has dropped more panties than a toilet seat.

His mastery of the ever classic piano coupled with a voice that cuts strait to the soul like a knife through butter has served him well. The lyrics of his songs and their ability to zero in on the ever elusive topic of “romance shared between partners” hasn’t hurt his success either.

So if right about now before the world stopped turning you were one of the many sitting alone at a bar drinking yourself into a self-pity induced depression or one of the many getting played, I suggest you view this forced time apart as an opportunity to do a little self reflection and discover how you too can tune into the same frequency from which John Legend performs.

If on the off chance you’re like me and enjoy that which sounds both ancient and futuristic, then I suggest Meduza’s remix of John Legends’s “Wild” as a great place to start.

As Olivier Jeske described in an article featured on We Rave You, “Looking at the number of streams generated by the trio in recent years, ‘Wild (MEDUZA Remix)’ will probably have a very short way to pass the one million views milestone.