Invest In Millennial Women

My personal interests lie at the intersection of AI, robotics, space exploration, and finance (y’all heard of #DeFi?). Whether it’s startups, topics of books I read or blogs I follow, or where on Wall Street I’m most active, these areas combined form my lane if you will.

Yet over the last decade I’ve half jokingly half seriously mentioned to my lady that if I was to open a local brick-and-mortar business, it’d be a consignment shop called “Rebecca’s Closet” and she’d be responsible for all inventory.

I understand arbitrage selling isn’t the sexiest of businesses one can get into, and the pawn-shop model of reselling isn’t that innovative. Especially when compared to the areas of personal interest mentioned above. Yet one thing is clear, it is as profitable as any other business. 😳

The biggest point of this realization and I’ve often mentioned directly is I’ve noticed her taste and preferences speak for and are indicative of a large market audience. That is to say what my wife likes, a lot of other people also like. From a business perspective, it’s safe to say whatever my lady is interested in, it’s an “in-demand” product/service.

I have witnessed my wife over the last decade make eBay her b*tch. (eBay remains a platform that still evades even a software junkie like myself.) Though she does so not trying to start a business as much as she knows a deal when she sees it. Also, she’s ruthless at negotiating. I swear, with full confidence I believe my wife could have convinced Hitler to surrendering around the time of his Poland invasion (or thereabouts).

The fact my wife’s as interested in all things business or corporate America as much as I am in organic tampon manufacturing makes her ability to profit seemingly altruistic.

In the end, I may have my own interests as she has hers, but as far as profitability is concerned, I’ll take any business acumen I may have and apply it to her interests rather than my own. So if y’all see me hustling designer handbags, shoes, or women’s fashion accessories anytime soon.