I Lost A Friend Today: Tribute To A Dog

I lost a special friend today; the kind you can’t replace. The type of friend who if you were half as good as the person they believe you to be, you’d be twice the person you are… that kind of friend.

This day has haunted my mind for quite some time, and today it has become a reality.

If anyone would like to know what the hardest part of owning a dog is, I can with complete conviction report it’s the “goodbye.”

My wife had went to pick up something to eat and I had went upstairs to take a nap. I woke up to her asking me to come check on #BrutusTheBoxer because he wasn’t breathing. (Link to Google Photos Album)

The photo below is what I came downstairs to. Between her otherwise routine grocery trip and my nap, Brutus left us among the living and made his transition to that next place.

When we got Brutus, I was still in service. Between that time and present, there’s been very few moments where Brutus was not within eyesight of one of us. To say he was my best friend is an oversimplification of the value he’s been for us both.

For my wife, Brutus had on day one swore his love and allegiance as her ever loyal protector. For me, Brutus was the champion of breaking through my defensive forces and softening my otherwise hardened heart. For both of us, Brutus was one of our deepest friendships and greatest teachers.

There are no words available to accurately express the hole death’s cold sting has left in our house today. I ask those close to send love and positive energy. For the praying types, if you could put in a good word requesting divine mercy, grace & wisdom for these challenging times, I’d be ever grateful.

So as the forces of mortality parade about reminding all of their ultimate power, I will idly standby remaining numb. #MementoMori

See photos I’ve taken of Brutus over the years: Google Photos Album