Calling All Entrepreneurs: Be a Featured Guest on ‘The Journey Continues’ Podcast

I’ve asked one of my longest standing friends since being in the DC area and valued business mentors, Dan Light, if he’d be willing to host a podcast with me. He agreed more quickly than the stress I had experienced the week leading up to asking him had envisioned.

Upon hearing he’d be onboard, I made a graphic which I thought expressed the way I figured he must have looked when I asked (see below). He assures me the graphic isn’t accurate, and I hope he means it.

The idea came to me because I enjoy listening to Dan talk about business. He does it so easily and he seems to genuinely enjoy engaging with startup founders. His decades of corporate success combined with his interest in early stage ventures qualify Dan as someone who brings benefit to many from as as little as a discussion.

Dan isn’t the type of mentor that is speaking from any level other than one as a peer. He has an odd ability to connect with entrepreneurs from whatever they’re speaking. I think this is what makes conversations so meaningful.

So in my millennial software nerd way, I figured I could be a co-host of sorts for a podcast featuring Dan connecting with a guest and discussing their business. I can already see Dan having that classic Dan-smile (like a kid in a toy store) as he listens to a founder share their story and subsequently engages in discussion with them.

The name of our impending podcast is #TheJourneyContinues. Dan is the primary host and I will serve as the tech support/co-host.

I have many in mind who would be ideal guests. Yet I want to extend an opportunity to all in my network to participate. So if you’d like to be a guest and have a simple yet meaningful & friendly chat with Dan about your business, please be sure to reach out. I’ll be sure to get you connected with the apps we’re using and ensure you’re able to connect when needed.

Be sure to stay tuned because great things are indeed upon us.

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