Winner of the 2020 Election: We the People

As a radical libertarian I don’t fear Trump or Biden as much as those who would blindly give either copious amounts of power.

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Regardless of which party resides at the helm of the Executive Branch — arguably the weakest branch of government — I believe We the People are winners.

We may seem divided on the micro, but on the macro we have a government that is gridlocked and forced to centrist views if they are to achieve anything at all. I suspect this state of forced cooperation is how our government was envisioned and designed to operate at its best.

For the the many in the alt right who self-admittedly don’t agree with many of Trump’s tweets yet cite respect for Trump because he says what he is thinking, the lesson is we require more respect, civility, & grace for the high office of President. For the alt left, though progress is the alleged battle cry of progressivism, the lesson is caution is still to be considered and as a country we shouldn’t pretend progress is a drag race but rather a marathon. That is to say nothing lasting is an overnight achievement.

Though my preferred candidate Jo Jorgensen may not have won the election nor given her fair consideration in the minds of my fellow citizens, yet as the radical libertarian I am I can still with complete conviction conclude We the People have indeed spoken and subsequently received the government we deserve.

Regardless of who may lead you to believe otherwise or what manufactured crisis the media is to report next, if you were to look out your window I suspect that you’ll agree with me that the future looks bright indeed.