Observing America’s Chaotic & Perfect Union at Walmart

It’s been said “America is divided” and “We’re at war from within with ourselves.”

I want to challenge this thought directly and propose the entire narrative that America is anything less than flourishing as unadulterated bs.

Yesterday started out like Saturdays before in that I was running errands. This particular weekend, my errands included stopping by Walmart to pick up Christmas lights to decorate the house with.

It seems I’ve reached a point in adulting where my neighbors and I are genuinely interested in things like Christmas lights and who has the most lit setup. I’m not one to normally add Christmas lights, but this year I feel humanity needs more than ever something to celebrate. So my neighbors and I are in a collective race to decorate our yards.

So there I am… in Walmart. As much as I do appreciate Target and for a long list of reasons, I won’t deny that no matter how far I ascend the ranks of society, Walmart will always be my people.

With COVID and subsequent social distancing, the shopping cart can’t easily fit down the overcrowded aisle featuring Christmas lights (located in the reconverted garden center). 🛒

I elected to wait right outside the garden center while my lady ventured further and down the aisle featuring lights. I stood in this location for what at the time felt like a lifetime, but was likely closer to 5 mins.

In this 5 mins, I observed countless people walk by me on both sides. I swear there was an uncountable number of cultures and peoples represented.

White people, black people, brown people, yellow people, and colors I can’t quite articulate; Well dressed, poorly dressed, outwardly well behaved to those who seem to have no standards for behaving in public; those who seemed educated and well articulated to those who looked like they struggled to pass the 2nd grade; those who appeared wealthy and only at Walmart as a testament to their belief in saving a nickel to those who looked like they were so poor that Walmart was the highest retail brand they shopped… all seemed to pass by in this 5 mins.

What all shared was they were largely shopping for the holidays. Some were buying gifts for others and asking questions like, “What should we get for so-and-so” whereas others, like myself, were shopping for themselves for more routine and errand type products.

What is telling in this observation is no one is fighting with anyone outside of their own party. Despite the new rules of acting in public, everyone seemed to pick up how to act around one another without anyone telling them to.

So with such a mixture of perfect chaos combined with so many types of peoples all operating in unplanned yet perfect Union, how can anyone conclude America is at war with itself?

In my Walmart observation, the only conclusion any objective observer could conclude is that America is flourishing & operating at her destined prime state.

If you want to see negative, then you can surely zero in on the micro and find it. If I explained only what some of the couples were speaking of between themselves, you’d clearly have a negative perspective. I think this is what logic and debate refers to as “pigeon holing” which I am in-general not a fan of. Yet on the macro, there is nothing but positive.

You see what you want to see.