Happy Bodhi Day

Today is the day the beginning of Buddhism is celebrated.

2,550 (or so) years ago today a man sat under a tree.

He saw a really divided world, where people struggled and argued and fought with each other, often over trivial things.

He saw people who valued greed over kindness,
He saw people who valued hate over love,
He saw people who valued lies over the truth.
And he saw that these people were not happy.

He saw people not finding fulfillment in their lives. He saw people railing against their own suffering, often making things worse.

And he thought, “we can do better.”

So he sat under a tree and tried to figure out the nature of the human condition.

And he became known as the Buddha. He taught a better way for people to live. A way centered in mindfulness and compassion. We can be better than we are.

But Buddhism isn’t about his enlightenment, not really.

It’s about yours.

The Buddha was right. We can do better.