The Second Discovery of Fire: A Prayer for Humanity

“Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we shall harness for God the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I pray…

I pray for all of humanity to one day feel the pulse of the Mother Earth in their feet as they tread. I pray for mankind to find the faith to believe in the messages carried by their dreams and to see beyond the visible world.

I pray awareness floods our being, not just for today but as a new way forward. I pray we find a new transformational literacy and coherence for a new future.

I sing a prayer for humanity that we may see ourselves clearly with curiosity, compassion and courage, for we must evolve individually if we are to evolve collectively.

I pray for those less fortunate, for there are many whose home is not a safe place who are vulnerable at this time.

To those of you I say – may you find strength, courage and inner wisdom. May you know that you are seen.

I pray we learn what it means to really love ourselves because only then will we learn to love our neighbour and live in harmony.

I pray that although in this moment many are living in a profound period of disruption, accompanied with pain and grief, that they are not blind to the gift. That gift is the glimpse of what is possible, what is important to us. The possibility of awakening.

I pray that the potential to create a new story to reimagine, reshape and reseed takes flight.

I pray that despite the grief, fear and uncertainty about the future that we find the integrity to face the challenges now through honest inquiry, meditation and community.

I sing a prayer for my humankind to cherish these times. To pray out loud and inwards … to sing a song of grace to mother earth, to find more empathy and loving-kindness, to dream new dreams for new times. To find joy in the simplest things.

I pray that through kindness, compassion and cooperation we come to a place within ourselves of peace, silence and deep understanding.

And while the Earth breathes anew, may we also take a fresh breath and a new step forward to building a new consciousness, starting with ourselves.

I pray that everyone I come in contact with can walk away with much, or at least some, of the happiness that lives within me. I pray that a smile is born on the lips of all who recognise the great opportunity this time affords us.

I pray for eternal forgiveness and divine mercy for we know not what we do. I pray for peace, acceptance, and tolerance for all who express their love for the higher power (whatever that name may be).

Most of all, I pray for an end to the violence and depravity that darkens many souls.

Peace be with us all!