Dare To Ask Courageous Questions

I’ve met very few who’ve demonstrated the ability to ask courageous questions. Most folks are overly satisfied regurgitating preconceived surface-level answers.

Asking the tough questions of ourselves and others isnt for the weak. Neither is understanding and accepting the answers to those questions.

We must…

• Accept we don’t know what we think we do.
• Challenge our preconceptions (often and always).
• Approach observations in a state of indifference while maintaining a child-like curiosity (to enjoy learning for its own sake).

The only pointer I can provide is instead of trying to learn something new everyday, make it a point to unlearn something everyday. Then you might a reach a point where your being isn’t as influenced by unadulterated bs and lies.

I tip my cap to all who understand “seeing the light” is an expression built on the premise that the default state is one of darkness.