Getting Lost In A Bookstore

“A bookstore is the only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.”

Jerry Seinfeld

I had a gift card from my grandmother which was burning a hole in my wallet. Today felt like the appropriate day to stop the hole from burning any further or deeper.

I realized it’s an odd thing when a person can get completely lost in what is otherwise a single row of books. There is a section labeled #Science which to the naked eye looks like two adjoining shelves. To me, it looks like a doorway to another time and space.

While my lady toured row after row of the latest fiction, I was entertained flipping through titles from these two adjoining shelves. My lady prefers historical fiction whereas I’m a lover of philosophy and science (especially where the two meet).

One of the winning titles (“winning” defined as made the cut to be purchased this go-around) which I’m seen modeling is “Common Sense, The Turing Test, And The Quest For Real AI” by Hector Levesque.

Below are some of titles which I found of interest as well as the sections of a bookstore I’m drawn to.