Futuristic Now: The Future Is A Portal Inward (Transcript)

Futurist Gray Scott

The future is a portal inward. It is computational and ancient. We’re uncovering this ancient idea of what it means to be a human being on this planet. All of the things that we know about ourselves, all of the discoveries that is an emergent system that comes from the cosmos.

We’re discovering this ancient mirror. This is a continuum. Think of the cosmos as the original algorithm and we are just a small piece of that algorithm. So as the cosmos evolves as we evolve new algorithms, new codes will emerge within this continuum. We are an extension, a mirror, of the cosmos and the computational nature of the cosmos. We are just emerging out of a system that is billions and billions and billions of years old. We are the new ones. And so all of these computers and robots and all of these things we are manifesting it is all the same code.

We are under the illusion that the future is somewhere out in front of us. When in fact the future is already here. It exists in our neural network; it exists in our visualizations.

Nikola Tesla says in his autobiography that he used to visualize all of his inventions inside of his head, he would see them, he would turn them on, he would calibrate them in his mind before he would ever build them.

He understood that the future was internal, that the future was inside of us. And that we mirror that internal world and that is what the future becomes.

Were actually moving deeper into the body, were moving deeper into the mind, we’re going deeper into the self.

Every mathematical formula that we need to create a rocket a robot a driverless car, all of those things already exist, they’re here in the room with us. They are a part of our evolutionary history; it rides along inside our DNA. The deeper you look into yourself, the more you’re going to find the future.

And that is why I say the future is a portal inward. It is a destination to the self.

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Gray Scott
Gray Scott

Gray Scott is a futurist, philosopher, and artist who specializes in the philosophy of technology, digital consciousness, and humanity’s technological evolution.

FUTURISTIC NOW is a new weekly digital-philosophy web series by futurist and philosopher Gray Scott.

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