How A Side Hustle Can Change Your LIFE | Gary Vaynerchuk Motivational Video | Transcript

Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how a side hustle can change your life, why now is the best time to start the business you always wanted, and how spending money on the right things will make you happy.


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I felt like I made it, the way you’re asking the question, when I made $100,000 a year. That was like, I’ve never done anything financial. A lot of good things have happened to me, that has remotely hit my radar, more than a year I made 100,000 a year. I would argue that if you really knew everything about me, and you read it all, every action I ever did, you would look me in the face and ask me, “Why do you sabotage yourself in business and financial environments?

And I would tell you that deep down subconsciously, I love it so much, that I just want it to happen forever. And so for me “making it” is that. That’s what blows me away about somebody who’s like, “I just need to make a million bucks, and I’m gonna go to Jamaica.” I don’t have that. I don’t have that in my head. I just want to play forever.

That’s why I’m trying to get people to understand the process. It is very clear to me that people that are in love with their craft, and process, can win. That’s why I’m trying to change the conversation around how much money you need to be happy, because it doesn’t work.

Like I just know, unbelievable amounts of data, of how many people have lots of money, how many people don’t have lots of money by our standards, and how happy they are. And it doesn’t take a lot of money to be alive in society. It’s about what you spend money on. I mean I can’t get over this; I just really wish people liked what they did. Because the game is very simple. If you’ve got debt, or have to put a roof over your head or somebody else, then you work whatever job is paying that.

But I’m asking you, what are you doing from 6pm to midnight? And if you have to go build slowly your portfolio, your Shopify store, your Instagram account, your YouTube channel, your content, wouldn’t you be pumped if I told you for the next four years it’s tough and you don’t watch as much Netflix, sports, and hanging out, but then you get to live happy for the rest of your life?

Everybody, in theory, would sign up for that. The reality is a lot of people don’t want to grind for four years. Like people don’t like pain. It’s why most people don’t have six packs. I mean that. I mean that there’s a lot of people here who want to be in better shape, you just don’t want to work out. You just don’t want to eat well.

I lived it for the first 38 years of my life. And then I got into better shape. I still hate it. I fucking was pissed this morning waking up at 5:55 to work out. But because I want it, and so I’ve gone through doing something that didn’t come natural to me, that I hate to this day four and a half years later, but I just want to live 15 years longer.

So for me, it’s like if any person in here is unhappy, I need to know every single minute you spend on anything but your job. I’ll tell you taking those leisure hours which you’re using to escape your unhappiness, you’re literally watching Netflix, sports, playing video games, or listening to music to escape your reality that you’re not happy about. I want you to take those hours and start building something that gets you off your issue. It might take seven years, but it’s worth it.

Everybody here is going to live for fucking 60, 70 more years. People got tricked. 54 is young. People have terrible ability to put time in perspective, which is why their behaviors are so broken.

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