I don’t have institutional funds demanding 10x returns in 7 years, so I can focus on you and your company and work together to get the right outcome for both of us.


No ivy league MBA here. Just boots on the ground (if you’ll excuse the pun) experience as an entrepreneur and small business coach. I truly believe the soul of the U.S. economy is in the growth of small businesses and I’m passionate about finding them, investing in them, and nurturing them to growth.

Why should you trust a Marine to invest in your business? Because we know how to work hard, to engage others in our plans, and behave with integrity and honor. We never leave a (wo)man behind and I feel the same way about my those I work with.


As a business coach, I focus on highly capital efficient companies poised for growth which have the potential to disrupt markets. I provide hands-on operational support for new product development as well as maintain and grow the strategic ecosystem between executives and investors.

I think strategically, plan collectively and execute through teams of individuals who are empowered and accountable. I have embraced the disciplines needed to effectively manage strategic objectives affecting goal setting, budgeting, sales targets, marketing, staffing and client service operations.