Business Loans


Providing Working Capital from $20,000 to $5,000,000.

Business Cash Advance ↗

Instant Pre-Approval On $20,000-$5,000,000

Receive funding based on your monthly revenue. No minimum credit score requirements and all industries eligible.

  • 1 Year in Business Required
  • $10K a Month in Revenue Required
  • Bad Credit and Tax Liens are OK
  • Daily or Weekly Payments
  • Funding in 24 Hours or Less! 4 months of business bank statements required

Equipment Financing ↗

Using Existing Collateral for a Loan

Whether you need equipment or machinery to grow your business, GoKapital can help you find the right program.

  • 1 Year in Business Required
  • $10K a Month in Revenue Required
  • Terms Up to 5 Years
  • Monthly Payments
  • Receive up to 90% for a purchase or sale leaseback. All 50 states.

SBA 7A Business Loans ↗

Low-rate Financing with Long Terms from the SBA

If you have strong credit history and profitable business, you may qualify for SBA financing under the 7a program.

  • 2 Years in Business Required
  • $250K in Annual Revenue and Profitability
  • 2 Years of Tax Returns Needed
  • 6 Months of Business Bank Statements
  • 4.5% to 7% Rates | 10 to 25 Years | $50K to $5MM | Closing in 3-6 Weeks

Unsecured Business Term Loan ↗

Low Monthly Payments Regardless of Your Credit Score

Grow your business or refinance debt with our unsecured business term loan.

  • Funds from $20,000 to $250,000
  • Terms from 2 to 10 years
  • 3 Months in Business Required
  • Online Business Checking Account Needed
  • Low Monthly Payments
  • Approvals in 24 Hours

Personal / Start-up Business Loan ↗

Start Your Business or Obtain a Low Rate Personal Loan

Obtain the capital you need to start a business, or obtains funds for any purpose.

  • $25,000 to $500,000 Available
  • Terms from 1 to 5 Years
  • Monthly Payments
  • Rates from 6% to 18%
  • Credit of 680+ Required. All 50 states.
  • Annual Income of at Least $30K Needed

No Credit Check Business Loans ↗

Qualify for Working Capital Regardless of Your Credit History

If your business generates significant income, you can receive financing without a credit check.

  • 1 Years in Business Required
  • $30,000 a month in bank deposits
  • Minimal NSFs/negative balances
  • Must have online business banking
  • Tax Liens and Collections are OK
  • All Industries Qualify