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Hello! If you’re reading this, you probably got the link directly from me. Please don’t share it.

I am always seeking to connect with and share the expertise of fellow passionate, imaginative people who are dedicated to all things technology and entrepreneurship as well as those who seek to motivate all those they encounter. Together, we can empower and inspire website owners, webpreneurs and internet entrepreneurs by delivering fresh, useful and original content to our extensive FT Hustler community daily.

What’s in it for you?

According to Janet Barclay at Organized Assistant, here are “6 Reasons to be a Guest Blogger” for the FT Hustler Community as well as elsewhere:

  1. Reach a Broader Audience
  2. Grow Traffic to Your Own Blog
  3. Grow Your Subscriber Base
  4. Improve Your Search Engine Positioning
  5. Build Relationships
  6. Write About Something Different

Guest Post Requirements

If you’re thinking of a blog post for this site, the checklist is below. I highly encourage you to use it precisely as a checklist — literally, go through the points and ensure your draft satisfies all of these criteria.

When posts don’t hit these points, I usually have to decline them. At a minimum, I’ll postpone them for several weeks at a time. The blog isn’t my full-time job, so I often push off unready posts for months, if they ever get up at all.

That said, here’s how to stay at the top of the pile!

What am I looking for?

Keeping our joint audience in mind, acceptable guest posts should offer money-saving tips, resources, or other insights on running a small or home-based business. I am particularly interested in posts related to starting and managing specific kinds of small businesses, such as a craft shop or an online store, and the more you can add your personal story to the post, the better.

How should you write it?

Your writing needs to be excellent – run it through an editing software such as Grammarly before you send! Since our mandate is to help improve our users’ business, we would look a bit silly if our own guest posts weren’t pretty airtight.

I look for a catchy title, a strong introduction, a well-formed argument, and a useful concluding paragraph.

Make sure that it doesn’t feel advertorial for your own site/product.

What should you include?

According to Tim Ferriss, When in doubt, link it out.

My readers come to me for ease-of-use and resources. So, if you write, “I once went to Saison restaurant in SF, where I learned about the book The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing from a friend,” you should link out to what I bolded. Make it easy for readers to dig deeper!

TECHNICAL REQUEST: Always have links open in a new tab, please.  In other words, I don’t want people to leave my site. 

Include actionable takeaways and recommended next steps. Readers care about your story, of course, but they also need to learn specific lessons from your post. Ramit Sethi is particularly good at giving readers actionable “next steps” they can take, and you can clearly see this in his guest post on “The Psychology of Automation.”

Tell us about who you are. Please include a two sentence minimum bio at the bottom of your submission.

What are the rules?

Boring I know, but there are just a few rules you need to stick by to get your post published here:

  • Always provide only absolutely unique content (as a guest post).
  • Always provide high-quality valuable information in your guest post.
  • Self-serving links should be restricted to the by-line, there should be none in the main text.

Where should you send the article?

Please email your post as a word document to or share a google doc to the same address.

Have fun with it!

If it’s not fun for you to write on some level, it won’t be fun for my readers to read. Tell stories, crack jokes if you like, and be yourself. Try and enjoy the process and the end product will be better.