Greenlight is all about financial education for kids. We help them learn about money management through a safe, secure app where parents manage every dollar and see every transaction. 


Aspiration offers digital banking services, up to 1.0% APY, no fees, unlimited free ATM withdrawals, and unlimited cash back on debit card spending. They believe in making money and making a difference by giving 10% of earnings to charity.

Axos Bank

Axos Bank, a digital bank with the highest level of security and privacy, offers loans and a comprehensive range of checking and savings accounts. 

ChimeBank NovoCIT Bank
Through Chime, you can reach financial peace of mind with the right support. Chime helps its members take control of their finances—so they can unlock the freedom and confidence they need to focus on more important parts of their lives.  Through the Bank Novo, small-business owners can gain access to a business banking platform designed to make business banking easier.  CIT Bank is an online only bank, offering highly competitive High Yield Savings, Money Market, CDs and Custodial Accounts. This bank offers a variety of options designed to help you maximize your personal finances.
Quontic Bank
Quontic is the adaptive digital bank that empowers its customers financially while embracing their diverse circumstances. Quontic’s disruptive banking platform re-imagines traditional banking with adaptive lending and innovative deposit products.