Never Stop Winning – Powerful Motivational Video

I remember praying one day. I’m out praying three o’clock in the morning. I’m talking to the Creator three o’clock in the morning. And I aint where I want to be and I’m like, “God I ain’t where I want to be.” And he was like, “Stop being a victim.

That’s why you ain’t successful. You watching LeBron make his dreams become a reality. You’re watching The Black Mamba make his dreams become reality. If you put the same time LeBron put in, and I started studying and I realized as an African American male, I need to get a master’s degree and a PhD in order to do what I’m doing.

And guess what? I had to get up even though it was hard and I had to take ownership of my life. Take ownership of my time. Take ownership of my day. But what I didn’t want to do is I didn’t want to wear another man’s armor because I didn’t know if I could win the fight wearing Saul’s suit. I needed to be able to, I needed my slingshots. I needed my five stones. So when you see this, this E slingshot right here, this E five stones. Why? Because what Saul did didn’t even work for him.

So a lot of times we copycating other people and doing what they’re doing and it ain’t even working for them. But because you have a low self esteem or because you need to be affirmed, you’re doing what they want you to do. And I promise you, if I go out, I’m going out ET.

It’s about freedom. I want to be able to get up and walk wherever I want to walk. I want to be able to walk in the neighborhood where I can have my my hoodie on and not get shot down. I don’t run with people who count on me to put up 50 points. I run with people who put up 50 of their own. I put up 50, they put up, and we murder you.

Like Mike, that’s why I respect Mike. If I can kill you. I’m killing you. I’m not giving you life. I’m not giving you no doggone game. I’mma murder you. If you can go in four, then you’re going in four. Mike ain’t sweeping one team and then going surfing with another team. I’m sweeping everybody. Why? Because I’m putting up 50. Every night! I’m not missing no free throws. I’m MJ. I ain’t missing jack. That’s who I run with.

My people don’t miss assignments. My top dogs don’t miss assignments. When it’s they turn to do what they do, they do it with no flaws. And then I get up when I’m supposed to, I get up and murder it. You putting up 50 and your squad putting up 12. You don’t stand a chance. We got that dog. We ain’t reactive.

One dimensional players, no disrespect, one dimensional players aren’t in the league. One dimensional players ain’t in the league. What made Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan, is he can put up 30 and he can shut your butt down. He can play offense. He can play defense. He can play 40 minutes, 48 minutes. Most of you in this room, your problem is you’re one dimensional and you trying to hang your head on that.

So what I’m the number one motivational speaker in the world? Am I the number one father in the world? My kids don’t care nothing about YouTube. My wife don’t care nothing about YouTube. So what? You’re the number one motivational speaker? Are you the number one husband when you come home, cut all that foolishness off and give me, me.

Life punked you. Life punks you and says, “Do you really want this?” I’m gonna give your wife MS, Do you really want this? Five of your aunts gonna die cancer, Do you really want this? You’re gonna lose friends, do you really want this? Your mama gonna be pissed when you write the book about your family, do you really want this? Do you really want this? Cousins going to abandon you. People that you used to be like this with gonna think you bouji and don’t want to deal with you. That’s a part of it.

But I paid too much. If I was gonna quit I would of quit in the abandoned building when I wanted to commit suicide and take my life. I should have quit when I heard my voice say your mama don’t want you, your daddy don’t want you, take your life. I’ve got through that. So why I’m gonna quit over a grade, an F on a grade? Why would I quit because I didn’t do well on the masters? Come on!

So I’m telling y’all, you have come too far to quit now. You have invested too much to quit now. You have lost too much to quit now. Get a reward for your pain!

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