Childhood Memory: Baked with Love

One of my favorite childhood memories is my great-grandmother’s baking. Her cakes and pies were in such demand that many local restaurants would buy them from her directly so they could advertise “homemade” desserts. This little side-hustle kept her busy well into her 80’s. Though delivering to restaurants twice a […]

The Joyous Cosmology | Alan Watts

Man does not live by consciousness alone, for the linear, step-by-step, contrast-by-contrast procedure of attention is quite inadequate for organizing anything so complex as a living body. The body itself has an “omniscience” which is unconscious, or superconscious, just because it deals with relation instead of contrast, with harmonies rather […]

ATTN Small Business Owners: SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Application

Knowing how painful the financing process can be for business owners, I’m excited to share I’ve found a possible solution. Given the amount of small business owners who are seeking assistance regarding the SBA’s Paycheck Protection Program (PPP), I’ve recently partnered with Fundera – a lending marketplace where you use […]