At A Glance

I understand geek and speak marketing, operations and digital transformation. I cut my teeth on cutting-edge innovations which dare to push the envelope and improve the human condition.

Who I Work Best With

Gimmick or next big thing? Sometimes it’s a fine line. I love experimenting with emerging tech, which ensures our stack is future-proofed and when something moves from toy to transformative, we have a nice head start.

In the world we live in where identifying a niche over a having one size fits all mindset is paramount and accepting I can not help everyone, below are some of the technologies I am most passionate about and tend to work the best with.

What I Offer

Blockchain Marketing

The Blockchain and ICO market is hot and more and more companies are shooting from the ground. You need the right tactics to stand out from the crowd to make people aware of your great service. We help you to communicate the value of your business to potential investors and gain the trust of the Blockchain community. Every blockchain project is different; we take a deep look at your startup to understand your specific needs and help you accelerate market awareness and growth with a method that fits best to your needs.

Digital Transformation

The fuel of today’s digital economy is data, and the critical success factor is users, not assets or revenues. The rapid growth in digitization, the advent of technologies that make businesses nimble, agile, virtual and transparent, and the shift in consumer behavior towards digital first is challenging business models to transform. Digital transformation is a business imperative that progressive enterprises cannot ignore.

Pre-Seed Funding

I believe in investing in people. I look for entrepreneurs who demonstrate excellence in all that they do, have skin in the game and the ambition to grow aggressively. I’m also focused on funding diverse entrepreneurs to help us build a stronger portfolio and a stronger community.

Digital Marketing

The strongest marketing operations are tightly integrated with product teams, enabling seamless coordination between feature development, integration of marketing tools and services, and building strong cycles of users who download and then continue using a product. We know how to achieve the perfect mix of strategy, creativity, technology and production to achieve value for your brand and business.

Growth Strategy Consulting

Growth maximizes the ROI on digital products. Our close partnerships with a range of vendors enable us to optimize user experiences, increase retention, drive revenue, and maximize customer lifetime value.