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America’s Morality: Youth Allowed To Risk Death Fighting Cesar’s Enemies But Not Authorized To Make Unhealthy Purchases

Governments can’t help but legislate morality. Telling us what is right and what is wrong based off the general consensus and understanding at the time is how the majority of governments (if not all) exist and subsequently derive their power. Let it be clear however, society is not always right. […]

Fire The Government and Bring Back The Mob

Since we must always submit ourselves to and be managed by some superior authority, I’d much rather trust a “Godfather” led organization for management than I would a government bureaucracy. Why? One isn’t lying about who they are. Also, one’s family driven whereas the other could care less if I […]

Advocates for America’s Smallest & Most Often Assaulted Minority, the Individual

Have you ever referred to yourself as being “fiscally conservative yet socially liberal” in regards to your political preferences? If so, if you cast a vote next to a D or R, you are not only committing fraud, you are doing yourself a great disservice by perpetuating an outdated system […]