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Fire The Government and Bring Back The Mob

Since we must always submit ourselves to and be managed by some superior authority, I’d much rather trust a “Godfather” led organization for management than I would a government bureaucracy. Why? One isn’t lying about who they are. Also, one’s family driven whereas the other could care less if I […]

GROW Up and Earn It!!! #BigGovSucks 💯

Listen up all ye snowflakes of the socialist lovin’ tribe who are out here today filling the social media feeds with your re-energized chest pounding commentary after the recent public display of your candidates’ ignorance… 1.) “Free” does not mean free. * ** Refer to the Nobel Laureate in Economics […]

Can Someone Who Spits Big Government Propaganda Riddle a Justification Here?

Can someone, especially those on the left who spit bigger government propaganda, riddle me a justification here?  Given the government’s horrific track record at delivering on promises (any of them), I’m of the opinion that I don’t want the government to do anything more than the absolute bare bones as […]