The Bible isn’t Universal, Levels of Consciousness Are

You can read the Bible at different levels of consciousness and receive different messages. Just like you can read the emerald tablets at over a hundred levels of consciousness and receive a different message each time.

If you write the story of anyone’s life, you will see that energy is a key factor in people’s journey. An energy pushed them forward, an energy slowed them down, an energy helped them expand, or an energy led to their transition of this life.

The Bible was never made to be the battery that charges you. It was meant to be the manual explaining how you, the battery, work.

An important message about the Bible that is overlooked is that it didn’t exist when all those people in it lived their spiritual walks.

No one held the old testament in their hands in the old testament, and no one held the new testament in their hands in the new testament.

The old testament was stories passed down through word because they didn’t write for 600 years after the stories took place.

Jesus never met the writers of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

The Bible isn’t the main domino; it’s just one of the earliest. God exists in the Bible because we place God there but make no mistake, all those stories happened without a Bible to guide or a church to attend.

Energy is universal, not the tools we use to understand energy. There is truth in all, but not all is truth.

Credits: Devon Kramer
Source: 9vibesUniversal

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